Dental care is vital to your health at just about every stage of your life. It helps prevent gum disease from spreading and impairing your taste buds as well as germs from entering that can lead to illnesses. Fixing oral problems when you’re young can prevent more serious dental and orthodontic issues when you’re older by increasing the longevity of your teeth. Here at our West Los Angeles dental office, we can offer you a wide array of dental and orthodontic services that will keep you from having to worry about these unnecessary dental troubles.


Digital X-ray Kodak 9000 3D
Comfortable Reclining Chairs

HDTV mounted on wall in each room

Our famous refreshing water
Waiting Room with HDTV



Besides promoting excellent healthcare, EZ Dental & Orthodontics understands that making you smile can also improve various areas of your life and infuse you with a new sense of confidence. This is why they treat each patient with the utmost care and sensitivity.

We can provide you with conveniences to make your every trip to our office a pleasant one:




Lip Conditioner


Our team of West Los Angeles Dentists draws upon not only their years of schooling and professional experience, but also utilize the most up to date dental technology in a warm, relaxing atmosphere to provide  you with:

  • Sedation Dentistry
  • Digital X-Rays
  • Laser Dentistry
  • In-House Lab
  • Inter-Oral Cameras
  • In-House Master Technician