Cosmetic Dental Veneers in Inglewood

Veneers are one of the most versatile cosmetic restorations available. With the application of just one veneer, a treated tooth looks whiter, better aligned, and aesthetically flawless – free of chips and cracks. While services can accomplish some of these goals, veneers provide all of the above benefits with less time committed and fewer visits to the dental office.

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What Can Veneers Do for You?
If your smile is not as bright and beautiful as you’d like, consider dental veneers to correct the following issues:

Minor Teeth Overlap – The process of applying veneers includes preparing natural teeth by buffing away a small portion of existing dental enamel. In doing this, your veneers can be situated to create the appearance of straighter teeth. The overlapping section of your natural tooth is minimized and a new surface for your tooth is created, one that sits in perfect alignment with the others.

Deep Staining – Some dental stains, such as tetracycline discoloration or gray teeth to due age or medication, cannot be improved with whitening products. Veneers cover and conceal these issues, creating a bright new layer for flawed natural teeth.

Misshapen Teeth – As an adult, you understand that symmetrical smiles look beautiful. While healthy teeth can be all sizes, harmonious smiles feature visible teeth that are uniform in shape. Patients with short or pointed teeth due to genetics or grinding can seek porcelain veneers to create the balanced appearance they’re hoping for.  If teeth have been affected by bruxism, a mouth guard is recommended to ensure lasting results.

Dental Veneers in Inglewood, Los Angeles
Our cosmetic dentists have the experience and eye for design necessary to create beautiful smiles with veneers. At your consultation, Dr. Fayngor and Dr. Manukyan examine your smile to determine which teeth should be restored with veneers to create ideal aesthetics. Our dentists also measure soft tissue height and consider the shade of other teeth. In some cases, where patients only need one or two veneers, whitening the rest of your smile creates best results.

It is our goal to ensure your smile looks naturally beautiful, not overly treated or fake. We work with a qualified laboratory that produces veneers according to specifications created by your treatment plan and with precise impressions of your smile.

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You don’t have to live with a smile that makes you feel self-conscious. With one procedure, and in as few as two weeks, you can have a picture-perfect smile that looks and feels great. Call EZ Dental and Orthodontics today to learn more about how veneers can meet your expectations.