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The Importance of Good Teeth in the Entertainment Industry

Recent technological advancements in dental care have made dental veneers or tooth bonding the go-to choice for creating that perfect Hollywood smile at affordable prices, quickly and easily. Studies have shown that people with perfect teeth are perceived as being happier, more trustworthy, intelligent, sociable and successful in business and in their personal lives. They…
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Success and health

Good Teeth and their Relationship to Professional Success

Preparing for and going to any job interview can be stressful. You are trying to pitch to the potential employer the fact that you are more than capable of performing a stellar job and you are the best choice among all the other candidates that are as experienced and qualified as yourself. Probably, you are…
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Getting a Smile Makeover

Not all cosmetic dental procedures are the same. Some treatments may whiten teeth, while others may strengthen teeth and increase crown length. Many cosmetic dentists specialize in crafting the perfect smile to match the individual’s dental goals. However, in order to create the most beautiful smile for each individual, there are many aspects to consider,…
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