What Are Mini Implant Dentures

What Are Mini Implant Dentures

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What Are Mini Implant Dentures?
Anyone working in the entertainment industry in, Calif., must have a perfect smile without any missing teeth. If you have gaps in your mouth from having missing teeth, then you can overcome the problem with modern mini dental implants. Alternatively, if you have no teeth on the top or bottom of your mouth, then this is the perfect way to have a natural smile with attractive dentures. If a dentist told you in the past that replacing a missing tooth with an implant wasn’t possible, then it is time for a new visit to learn more about this type of dental restoration. Here is what you need to know about creating a beautiful smile with this new procedure.

Information 1: An Implant Device is Made of Durable Metal 

This dental restoration will last for many years because it is made from durable metal that won’t rust or degrade. After the metal support is surgically implanted in your gum tissue, it will remain in place.

Information 2: Your Dentures Will Remain in Place

When you are worried about having dentures that move around on your gum tissues, this is the best way to prevent the problem. The tiny metal protrusions are designed for keeping your new dentures in place securely.

Information 3: The Dentures Have Special Fasteners 

The dentures that are made by your dentist will have tiny plastic or rubber O-rings inside the supports that will fasten to the metal protrusions, keeping the dentures in the proper position without any slippage.

Information 4: How Long will this Dental Restoration Last?

Experts believe that this type of dental implant will last for 25 years while previous types lasted for approximately 15 years. This makes this dental restoration a good choice for improving your smile and bite.

Information 5: Why Is this Type of Dental Restoration Important?

If you have a small mouth or tiny teeth, then this type of implant procedure makes it possible to have dentures that fit well and remain in place. A dentist will suggest this type of restoration to replace the smaller incisor teeth with one metallic device.

Information 6: Upper and Lower Dentures 

These dental implants are suitable for your upper or lower dentures to prevent uncomfortable or embarrassing slippage. To learn more about improving your smile, visit a dental facility in Culver City or Inglewood for a complete examination.