Why Dental Cleanings Are Essential

Why Dental Cleanings Are Essential

Even if you brush your teeth daily, you’ll always be fighting a war against tooth decay. When oral bacteria mixes with leftover bits of food, it forms a sticky film known as plaque. You can remove some plaque by brushing, but what remains gradually calcifies and becomes tartar.

This calcified material cuts into gums, causing inflammation and bleeding. When it sits on the surface of the teeth, it gradually eats into the enamel beneath, leading to decay and cavities. If left untreated, tartar will continue to build up, and the gums will begin to pull away from the teeth. Along with visible decay, tooth loss is also a strong possibility.

1. You’ll Be Preventing Gum Disease

You might be able to get most of the plaque and tartar off your teeth, but it’s difficult to thoroughly clean it from your gum line. A dental hygienist has special tools that can gently scrape the tartar deposits from your teeth and expose the healthy enamel beneath. This allows the inflammation to calm down, and the gums can begin to reattach to the healthy tooth enamel, protecting the roots below.

2. Your Mouth Will Feel Clean

When you experience that fresh-from-the-dentist clean feeling, you’ll likely commit to a regular cleaning schedule in the future. There’s nothing like running your tongue over tartar-free teeth for the first time in years. If you have an upcoming event, such as a big date or film audition, having a cleaning right before could improve your confidence. At our Inglewood clinic, we see plenty of aspiring actors who get regular cleanings to ensure their smiles look their best.

3. You’ll Receive a Clean Bill of Health

Along with a clean mouth, a clean bill of health can do wonders for your sense of well-being. When you visit the dentist for a cleaning, you’ll also be given an oral examination, which will allow your dentist to check for signs of oral cancer or misalignments that might require orthodontist treatments.

Getting regular cleanings could also help you avoid other serious health conditions. Research has found a connection between gum disease and certain serious conditions, such as heart disease and diabetes. While it’s unclear if gum disease causes these conditions, ensuring that your mouth stays healthy is an important aspect of any holistic health plan.

4. You Won’t Have to Deal with Future Pain

An abscessed tooth can be severely painful. Not only could you lose the tooth, but you could also lose days of work time and personal enjoyment as you suffer from severe tooth pain while waiting for your treatment appointment. By getting regular cleanings, you’ll stay one step ahead of any problems and avoid suffering down the road.

Whether you’re an aspiring actor or model, or you simply want to move forward with a healthy mouth, our Inglewood dental and orthodontist clinic is ready to help. To make an appointment for a cleaning and examination, please contact us today.